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Abihome offers a wide range of PVC, wood, wood-aluminum and aluminum windows, quality guaranteed..
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Aluminium Door

The aluminium front door provides a number of modern and varied options.

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    Aluminium verandas

    With style and simplicity, aluminium can be used for large glassed areas.

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    Comfort Frame 68mm

    Providing high insulating performance, the Comfort frame 68mm is suitable for both renovation and construction. 

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    Design Door

    The Deceuninck Design door provides all-round robustness. The  door structure, hidden behind a decorative insulating panel, enhances the attractiveness of your house.

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    Excellence Frame 88mm

    The Excellence frame (88mm) can satisfy the demands of passive houses and new constructions with high thermal and acoustic qualities.

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    Neo-premium Frame

    The Deceuninck Neo-premium frame (70 to 82mm thick) combines performance and style. Its modern look, with a refined and slightly rounded design, ensures maximum levels of brightness.

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    PVC Comfort Door

    To fit the Comfort frame, the PVC Deceuninck  front door offers all-round robustness and unmistakable quality.

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    PVC Comfort Frame

    Providing all-round robustness, the Comfort frame (70mm) from the Deceuninck zendow range is a must with its refined and slightly rounded design.

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    Slide Monorail

    The Monorail sliding door in the Deceuninck range is a safe and long-lasting product. It is easy to use (even for children) and combines brightness and space-saving.

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    Sliding Wood Door

    Without inner overhang, the Sliding Wood Door combines brightness with space-saving. It is very popular for accessing the garden or terrace.

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    Star 75 Frame

    With a modern look, the Excellence frame (Star 75 from Aliplast 75mm thick) offers excellent insulation.

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    UltraGlide Sliding Door

    Wider and thicker than the VisoGlide 500, the UltraGlide is perfect for large bay windows and can be fitted with triple-glazing.

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    VG500 Sliding Door

    The VisoGlide 500 Sliding Door provides excellent thermal breaking qualities.

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    Wood-Aluminium Frame

    Wood frame with an aluminium layer on the outside. Wood-aluminium ensures a warm interior while the outside remains low-maintenance.

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    Wooden Door

    Particularly attractive, the wooden door combines security and insulation. It offers a limitless number of extra models to allow identical matching.

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    *Cette action est uniquement valable sur la série Zendow ou Zendow#neo et est valable pour la collection de couleurs complète (aussi bien le coating (Decoroc) que le revêtement filmé), à l’exception des trois couleurs dans la masse, blanc signalisation (0003), blanc crème (0096) et gris clair (0007).

    * Achat minimum de 10 unités de châssis PVC colorés (rénovation ou construction) pour le chèque de 250€ ou achat minimum de 5 unités de châssis PVC colorés (rénovation ou construction) pour le chèque de 100 €. • Date limite de remise des chèques-avantage: 31 Août 2015 (à remettre avec votre bon de commande). Le remboursement aura lieu quand le solde de la commande sera acquitté. • Cette action s’adresse exclusivement aux particuliers. Un seul chèque par domicile principal sera accepté.