Your wood front door

Your wood front door

​Our wood front doors marry elegance and security.
Your door is the real window to your house. So, create your door in your own likeness… Modern, classic, antique or contemporary, we can do it all.

Our two biggest plus points: quality and security ! ​
We pay as much attention to our doors as to all our other products.

We gain your trust by making security our top priority by offering front doors with vertical stiffeners, Monobloc handles, cylinder lock and 3-point locking system with hooks. This can be further enhanced by re-fitting your iron mesh or with anti-burglary glazing.

Wood insulation
Depending on the type of door, we guarantee efficient insulation thanks to integrated insulating panels and K1.1 or 1.0 double-glazing as well as an automatically retracting windproof seal and peripheral edge joint.

How much do our wood front doors cost ?
The price of a wood front door depends greatly on the materials chosen, the size and the opening mechanism. To get the best idea of how much it will cost, get in touch with us so we can take a look at your wood door requirements and provide a customised quotation.

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Wood doors: technical information

Wood doors: technical information

Particularly attractive, the wooden front door combines security and insulation (thermal and acoustic).
It offers a limitless number of extra models to allow identical matching.
Available in four styles and in wood-aluminium to conform with your home’s original architecture.

  • Glue laminated wood
  • Double mortise and tenon assembly
  • Double-glazing Ug 1.1 W/m² or 1.0 (anti-burglary laminated, plain or patterned) or triple-glazing 0.6 in the range of 80mm wood doors
  • 4 styles: meranti, oak, larch and eucalyptus
  • Over 1,000 colours (fungicide and insecticide treatment applied before painting)
  • Also available in Wood-Aluminium
  • Three or five fixing points, electric latch available
  • Alarm detector integrated in woodwork
  • No frame to step over, integrated brush wind break
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Our Fsc® and PEFC Certifications

In an effort to protect the world’s forests for a sustainable future, Abihome has been granted FSC (licence code FSC-C161482) and PEFC certifications (licence code PEFC/07-31-415). It allows us to include FSC and PEFC guarantees in the invoice should you be interested in certified products.