40 years old is reassuring!

40 years old is reassuring!
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The PVC frame offers excellent value for money and is extremely low-maintenance.

chassis PVC


With its style and simplicity, aluminium is just as suitable for renovations as for new constructions.

chassis alu


Dignified, wholesome and warm, wood is an excellent insulator, ideal for matching doors and windows.

chassis bois alu


The veranda is an area to be enjoyed and is available in a number of styles: traditional, Victorian, bow-window, pergola, and so on.


Portes de garage

Abihome also has considerable expertise in sectional garage doors.

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A more convenient closing system.

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Protections solaires

The solar protection screens keep the area cool as well as offering some privacy.

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Various glazing options are available.

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Infos primes

There are a number of public subsidies available, depending on the region in which your property is located.

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