An extension of your house

An extension of your house

A flat-roof veranda is designed to fit in perfectly with the style of your house, offering a perfect passage between the two spaces.

You now don’t have the impression of going from one room to another, rather an impression of benefiting from a real infusion of space and comfort.

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What is a flat-roof veranda?

What is a flat-roof veranda?

The Veranda Extension or Flat-Roof Veranda offers the advantage of providing opening and light while offering great living comfort all year round thanks to an exceptional level of insulation.

Unlike the classical veranda, the flat-roof veranda is not entirely made of glass.

The flat roof ensures a consistent height beneath the ceiling and maximises the space in your new room. It is equally possible to integrate a skylight with it in order to reinforce the feeling of space and brightness.

Thus, it is the association of opaque surfaces and glass spaces which allows to optimize the infusion of light and guarantees optimal insulation for perfect comfort in any season.

Lastly, this flat-roof veranda fits in perfectly with the style of your house while ensuring a perfect passage between the two spaces.

Our design office

Our design office

The engineers at our design office who accompany our designers in the first stage of the creation of your project are, of course, available for specific solutions. Given now that we pay a lot of attention to statics, heat insulation and PEB standards, these are essential data for a reputable builder of verandas.

Our computerised programs guarantee in one step, static stability and optimal thermal insulation corresponding to PEB standards.

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Out of the ordinary. Our work method proves it.

  1. A 3-dimensional visualisation of our creative concepts allows us to perfectly assess your project.
  2. Our design office is available to advise you on design, major works as well as to carry out a detailed measurement before production.
  3. Done by our experienced professionals who work with machines and the latest equipment, we offer a ten-year insurance.
  4. Our after-sales service can provide an appropriate and structured response if the need arises. Our team is always there for you.
  5. All products such as aluminium, glass, etc. that we use in our construction, come exclusively from large companies with a good reputation and having several years of experience in their fields.