• PVC Kömmerling AD

PVC Kömmerling AD

Providing all-round robustness, the Kömmerling AD frame (76mm) from the Kömmerling range is a must with its refined and slightly rounded design. Providing excellent value for money, the Comfort frame has a wide range of accessory panels adaptable to all the unexpected situations which arise during renovation.

  • Good overall energy performance of up to Uw 1.1 W/m²K
  • 76mm thick
  • Five insulation pockets
  • Galvanised steel reinforcements in the panels
  • Double-glazing Ug, 1.0, laminated, plain or with patterns
  • Level 2 security structure with anti-mishandling device and tilt & turn as standard, possible to add WK2 high-security structure
  • Wide range of colours - glossy, textured (imitation wood) and matte shades
  • Possibility of combining two different colours on the interior and exterior
  • Door gaskets in colours which match the shade of the door
  • Invisible hinge available for a more modern look
  • Integrated alarm detector inside woodwork (not visible)
  • Large collection of accessory panels