40 years old is reassuring!

40 years old is reassuring!
  • Wood frame

    Dignified, wholesome and warm, wood is an excellent insulator, ideal for matching frames.

Wood frame

Wood is the best choice for making your house unique. It makes your house feel warm, and not simply because it is an excellent insulator. For more information, project advice or to obtain a quotation, contact us.

Comfort Frame 68mm

Providing high insulating performance, the Comfort frame 68mm is suitable for both renovation and construction. 

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Excellence Frame 88mm

The Excellence frame (88mm) can satisfy the demands of passive houses and new constructions with high thermal and acoustic qualities.

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Wood-Aluminium Frame

Wood frame with an aluminium layer on the outside. Wood-aluminium ensures a warm interior while the outside remains low-maintenance.

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Our Fsc® and PEFC™ Certifications

In an effort to protect the world’s forests for a sustainable future, Abihome has been granted FSC (licence code FSC-C161482) and PEFC certifications (licence code PEFC/07-31-415). It allows us to include FSC and PEFC guarantees in the invoice should you be interested in certified products.