• Wood-Aluminium Frame

Wood-Aluminium Frame

Wood frame with an aluminium layer on the outside. Wood-aluminium ensures a warm interior while the outside remains low-maintenance. Available in 5 styles, and also for front doors.

  • Overall energy performance up to Uw 1.3 W/m²K 
  • Glue laminated wood
  • Finger joint assembly
  • Compatible with all super insulating double-glazing Ug1.0 or 1.1W/m²K 
  • Level 2 security structure with anti-mishandling device and tilt & turn as standard, possible to add WK2 high-security structure
  • 5 styles: meranti, oak, larch, eucalyptus and scots pine
  • Wide range of exterior and interior colours (fungicide and insecticide treatment applied before painting)
  • Invisible hinge available for a more modern look.
  • WK2 high-security structure
  • Integrated alarm detector inside woodwork (not visible)