• Frames, façade, materials: making your renovation sustainable.

Frames, façade, materials: making your renovation sustainable.

1.Frames, façade and solar panels: setting out your priorities

Anyone planning a renovation or building project needs to think about costs. Regardless of how big your budget is, if you want your construction to be sustainable, you need to think long term.  Start by setting out your priorities: the frames, the façade and the roof! Putting in new frames and installing façade insulation should be among the top priorities when creating sustainable housing.

Other steps, such as creating additional rooms or extra bedrooms, can wait. Although frames are essential for long-term insulation, the roof is also crucial. You can fit solar panels directly onto it.


2.PVC, Wood or Aluminium Frames: Choosing your Materials

What is a sustainable renovation?  It means making your home more energy efficient, of course, but it involves other things too. When choosing insulation or replacing windows (wood, PVC or aluminium frames), picking your materials carefully is critical.  You can reuse recycled materials. You can also choose circular construction methods by using renewable materials for your frames or other parts. Opt for local, certified products or natural raw materials.

Wood is an especially suitable material for passive solar housing. A natural and renewable material, wood offers excellent insulation. Remember that its origin must be certified if you want to have the smallest environmental impact. When producing its frames, Abihome selects wood bearing the PEFC label, which guarantees the responsible management of forests by protecting their ecological, economic and social functions.


3.Think “reusable”

Making a renovation or building project sustainable is not just about ensuring energy efficiency. Think about how to optimise space and ensure water and materials are used in a sustainable way. For instance:

  • Rain water is a good alternative to drinking water for toilets, washing machines and outdoor taps.
  • When carrying out a renovation, work with your architect to optimise the existing space. Take advantage of natural light.
  • For building projects, don’t bite off more than you can chew! This will ensure a high quality renovation for a lower budget.
  • Use recycled and/or sustainable materials.


4.Plan ahead

Although renovating your roof, replacing frames and installing solar panels are important stages, all renovations differ depending on where your home is located and other factors too. In any case, even if you have a limited budget, you should think long term when carrying out a sustainable renovation and have a general plan you can implement. It is important to take into account future work and anticipate how your building project will evolve.


5.Consult a specialist

Are you planning on replacing your frames and/or your front door? Not sure whether to choose wood, PVC or aluminium? Send us the details of your sustainable renovation project or get in touch with us by phone: our advisers are here to help. Abihome can assist you in all your renovation or building projects.